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As a healthcare professional, the threat of bacteria is always on your mind. When you see exudate, it’s an ongoing concern. Skin maceration, wound edge breakdown, embarrassing odour, risk of infection. Could it be MRSA? Is my patient at risk?

Unlike other pads, KerraMax Care™ does so much more than just ‘mop up’ exudate. Its unique Exu-safe™ technology locks harmful bacteria, such as MRSA, away from the wound1. Any potential threat is safely contained. Your patients are protected because you made a choice.


  • Soft, conformable and foldable – more comfortable and easier to use
  • Unique horizontal wicking action – high absorption, less odour and no unsightly bulking


  • Either side of the dressing can be placed onto the wound
  • Can be stacked or folded for very wet wounds
  • High absorption and retention – Exu-Safe™ Technology helps reduce bioburden and maceration
  • Suitable for use under all forms of compression
KerraMax Care pack shots


  • Lateral wicking action absorbs exudate evenly throughout the dressing
  • Super-absorbent gel layer – superior bacterial sequestration with Exu-Safe™ removes barrier to healing

1 An in vitro comparison of MRSA and P. aeruginosa sequestration by 5 super-absorbent wound dressings. Thomas, H & Westgate, S.J. Perfectus Biomed, EWMA Poster Presentation 2016.

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