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Dee's Story

His granddaughter wouldn’t visit because of the smell.
We saved his leg and helped to reunite them.

Mr. M was a 78 year old gentleman with diabetes, who we were treating in the specialist diabetic foot clinic. He was a very high risk and complicated patient, who developed bilateral foot ulceration as a consequence of poor vascular supply. His left leg was also ulcerated, and the exudate levels were such that the left foot was constantly wet. The aim of treatment of vascular diabetic foot problems (especially those that are not suitable for any vascular surgery to improve perfusion) is to keep the foot dry, but this proved impossible. The end result was extensive infected foot ulceration that eventually led to amputation of the left limb above the knee.

He remained under our care for the right foot (which had similar ischaemic ulceration) and we feared the worst when his remaining right leg began to ulcerate and leak. This replicated the wet environment that led to the previous amputation. As his only means to transfer and mobilize, it was vital that we did our best to save the remaining limb. The exudate levels were so excessive that he was subject to daily appointments for dressing changes, and was treated on a long term regime with oral antibiotics for infection. The smell from the limb and foot was causing him great distress and embarrassment, and he was extremely upset that his seven year old granddaughter would no longer visit him as she said ‘Grampa is too smelly’!

Luckily we were introduced to Kerramax, and we began using the product to absorb the copious exudate from the leg. This had immediate beneficial results – redressing appointments were reduced from daily to three times per week. The foot was no longer becoming wet, allowing the ischaemic foot ulcers to dry out and the infection to resolve. In turn, this reduced the need for constant systemic antibiotics, allowing the patient to rediscover his appetite for food.

Most importantly, with the infection resolved, the limb was no longer smelly, and his granddaughter returned to visit him. This meant the absolute world to Mr. M. The limb was managed using Kerramax until Mr. M’s death. Almost certainly, without the effective exudate management that Kerramax provided, the remaining foot would have developed overwhelming sepsis and resulted in a second amputation. This would have had massive implications for the mobility and independence of Mr. M. Although, for us, this was the most important outcome of his care, Mr. M was just delighted to be seeing his granddaughter again.

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