Kerramax Care

How KerraMax Cares

We’re as dedicated to providing the best possible care as you are. So with KerraMax Care™, we’ve developed a technology to absorb fluid from the wound, minimising both discomfort and the number of dressing changes for the patient.

Unique wicking action

KerraMax Care™ differs from other dressings with its consistent wicking effect throughout the dressing, for more absorption capacity. This reduces dressing changes, with less wound disturbance and with decreased pain for the patient.

Locking in exudate

KerraMax Care locks potentially unhealthy exudate, including bacteria and MMPs, inside the dressing so it doesn’t leak or drip, and is dry to the touch. That improves patient comfort and helps prevent maceration and surrounding skin problems. We put our dressings under the microscopes to measure the level of bacteria sequestration, for further information click here.

The health economics

There are many clinical reasons to choose KerraMax Care for your patients. But the practical and financial arguments are equally compelling.

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